Playtime & Chowtime! Twice a day!! Even the kitties get two times the lovin’. What a great vacation!


DOGS are boarded in your choice of indoors or outdoors secure facilities. The outdoor kennels are covered to provide the dogs protection from the elements and are arranged around a central play yard. There is supervised playtime for all in the morning and again in the afternoon. During playtime, we clean the kennels and provide fresh water and clean bedding. The dogs are fed twice a day after each playtime.

CATS are boarded indoors, in separate kennels. Each kennel has its own bed, litter box and food & water bowls. The cat kennels are cleaned twice a day and given a fresh litter box. Dry food is available all day for the cats and water is refreshed once a day. The cats are given attention twice a day by our friendly and caring staff.

Current boarding costs can be found on the PRICING page.