doggy daycare

Whenever leaving your dog at home alone is not an option, our convenient and affordable daycare service is the solution.

Dogs love routine, so when your dog stays with us, the day is planned with their needs in mind. Along with all the overnight boarders, your day visitor will enjoy 1) supervised play time with other dogs... 2) breakfast, if they have not already eaten... 3) followed by a well-deserved nap time. Dogs need 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day!

Our outdoor kennels provide plenty of fresh air, making for a healthy environment for your dog. Each pup is given their own kennel with bed, food, and water so they feel secure in their own private space. If you have a couple of pups, they can be together in one kennel at a discounted rate.

Current daycare costs for dogs can be found on the PRICING page.

We're very social and want to play all day. We can't help it... we're dogs!